To Love is to Lead

Have you ever heard of the person who wanted to be in control. They want to show how it is done. They want to make a difference.

Sometimes they collect pieces of truth to help them. Or they make statements of need. "Let's leave no stone unturned" "Divorce is bad" "don"t talk with your mouth full" "Don't be passionate before marriage" "don't eat carbs" "be a home owner" "Obey the rules" "You promised..." "you don't think"

Well, that is what I do (hopefully less than all of you ;).

Its wrong.

It ends up empty


Because our Posture is more important than our Principles (that made me mad the first time I heard it).

No wonder God is interested in what is in our heart. (what does that mean?)

Some of the great debates in Jesus' ministry years were with a group called the Pharisees. They had all the principals down. They could tell you everything you needed to do in order to do it right... to be a leader.

To them, if you were to lead, you had to do it more right than everyone else. Which meant you had to learn and study and apply yourself and CHANGE and .....

But the God-man, Jesus, thwarted them at ever turn. Turning their logic in on itself.

Not just by being more right (Performance)

But by being right in ways they had never measured themselves.

He showed love first.

Its what we are to do.

What is love?

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Rachel said...

Your recent post about "rules" and love made me think of a book I have. I read it a few years ago and it's one of my most cherished books on faith. It's written by a wonderful author and retired priest - Joseph Girzone. It's called "A Portrait Of Jesus" -
It discusses exactly what you are talking about- how too many times Christians get caught up in the "thou shalt nots" and miss the primary rule of love. Even though it's written from a Catholic perspective - you might enjoy reading it.